About Linda

About Linda


Linda began sewing as a child, spending summer afternoons on the porch with her Nana making outfits for the 9″ Brides of the World. She learned more as her Mom stitched up dresses, blouses and skirts for her to wear to school. Inspired, she began making her own clothes and then Priscilla curtains and other fabric items for her room.

She continued to stitch for herself, her wedding, her home, then her husband and four children, having fun with everything from swimsuits to dress suits, from children’s clothes to toys and potholders to curtains.


Although sewing had become a regular part of Linda’s life, other goals took precedence. She was active in her church, youth group and Bible study. She finished high school with honors and scholarships. She finished a BA in Education and Theology and an MA in Communications with a Journalism/Print concentration. She wrote articles, how-to’s and curriculum while living in Illinois and edited technical manuscripts after moving to New York. She created a hypertex CD of technical research – editing and coding through almost 500MB of data. She taught a variety of writing classes, ranging from creative writing with grades 3-6 to technical and creative writing for Empire College.


As her children became more independent, including their ideas about clothing, Linda began quilting. It was the early 80’s when she made her first bed quilt top. Handling the fabrics and arranging the colors in patterns began a whole new adventure for her stitching. By the mid-nineties, she became interested in motif fabrics [also known as novelty fabrics] and what she could do with them. She has pursued this subject alongside learning numerous other facets of the quilting world.


When events required a change in direction for her writing, Linda began writing patterns and teaching classes in quilting. Her love of teaching pushed her to develop new techniques for handling motif fabrics. Linda is now putting the patterns she created for these classes into print and her techniques into book form. She offers trunk shows and lectures on the use of motif fabrics. She also offers classes in the use of her unique patterns, which provide multi sizing and layouts for varied sizes of motif fabrics. Some of her other patterns were designed to teach specific skills, such as applique, but incorporated motif fabrics.


Linda has developed a series of design choices to fit a variety themes. She is in the writing stages of a series of books, Motif Magic. Her lecture and her Motif Magic class introduce some of these ideas, while the quilt top classes put some of them to work. “No two quilts will ever be exactly the same,” she says, “because each quilt is the result of the quilter combining an idea, some fabric, and a number of design possibilities.”


Linda is developing a web site to offer these patterns and books. She hopes to have it ready to use by early 2015. Visit it then at LindasMotifWorld.com